10000 Iconic Glasses

Dive into the luxury world of “It” accessory glasses.
Spectacular one-of-a-kind vintage Glasses from the 1970s, 80s and 90s.


If you are looking for an unusual original, then Brillenschatz is the place to go.
Draped on the walls are rare original glasses. The shop’s drawers are a treasure trove of luxurious glasses. 10,000 pairs of glasses are there, waiting to find a new owner.

Vintage chic is the in thing

“Wow, how cool do these look!” “These are so retro!” “I’ve always wanted to try these on!” That’s what the owner, Abdullah Demir, constantly hears when customers come to his shop, a shop he has made an expression of his loving care for detail. The exciting vintage glasses can be found somewhat hidden away in what once was the building’s porter’s office. Large, small, black, colorful, round angular. “The valuable pieces are all like new, not worn,” stresses Demir. He discovered how colorfully diverse glasses are 15 years ago. What was at first a fascination developed into a passion for collecting unique glasses. From the crazy glasses that once adorned Elton John to the classics à la Steve McQueen. Creations by Alain Mikli, Cartier, and Cazal, to famous designers like Yves Saint Laurent.
With sunglasses, you are in fashion the whole year. Abdullah Demir knows “The glasses find you and not the other way around.”

Photos: Anthony Dodds