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The owners of an exclusive villa, nestled in the fairytale, hilly landscape of the Swiss canton of St. Gallen invited us to pay a visit.

Situated in clear, sunny south-west position, the villa afforded us a fantastic, breathtaking view of the eastern section of Lake Zurich, known as Obersee, and the rest of the lake was visible, as well. The Linth plains spread out at our feet, with the mountain face of the alpine foothills with the Churfirsten range forming the opposite view.

Photography: Otto H. Schulz

At an elevation of over 2,500 feet above sea level, fog can’t spoil the view. While often in spring or in the fall, a covering of cloud forms above the lakes in the valley, it remains sunny and clear up here. The sunset can be viewed all twelve months of the year from this vantage point, whether from behind the floor-length windows of the villa or from the spacious terrace. In around six months of the year, the rays of sunshine rise up to the villa and flood the rooms in a magical way.

The owners of this enchanting property have always given careful thought to living in and with nature. The garden was designed with a number of terraces, planted with rare varieties of trees, hedgerows, shrubs, and flowers. A secluded private atmosphere was created that adds to the feeling of being undisturbed everywhere. You don’t have the feeling of strangers being able to peer in, even on the 4,305 ft2 terrace with its outside pool. When the sunlight reflects in the pool, the alpine landscape seems to be in soft focus in the water, permeating the soul of the premises and leaving in its wake a deep feeling of inner tranquility.

All areas of the 35,520 ft² property have been designed to blend in with the natural landscape. The stream running at the edge of the property was conceptually integrated. Since we are in Switzerland, Swiss lime sandstone was used for supporting the terraces and for the steps connecting them. Brazilian quartzite, which the owners discovered on one of their many travels abroad, was used to cover the terraces and the spa wing and in the service areas. Just to mention a bit more about the environmental building concept, Egyptian marble was used for the flooring in the villa, the breathing, double-walled masonry was dressed with the decorative polished plaster known as stucco veneciano, and the kitchen was designed with the wood of a native beech and the counter tops with Brazilian marble (Macauba Gold). The connection to nature was only broken in the home movie theater, where, for the sake of the acoustic, carpeting was laid.

The most idyllic surroundings are in a pavilion with a biotope overgrown with water lilies, and a grotto. This place invites you to withdraw from it all and become in tune with the world. At the same time, it offers an ideal party location for family and friends.

A loving design is apparent upon entering the villa that radiates an intentional largesse. The whole of the interior decorating was designed by the lady of the house, a designer. Everything here is in magnificently achieved harmony, designed with and out of the finest and most luxurious materials.

During the reconstruction of 2010 to 2014, the owners expanded the villa with a spa or wellness wing. It is equipped with the maximum of comforts a spa should have. A true spa experience is possible here. A number of saunas, steam baths, infra-red cabins, and an inside pool with integrated whirlpool and counter-current system, fulfil even the most secret of desires.


The villa has a spacious 5,877 ft² of living space, with the spa wing adding another 1,098 ft2. Along with all this luxury radiating joie de vivre and well-being, the staff was not forgotten, although they don’t live under the same roof as the owners. A separate house is provided for them, a little below the villa. They are quickly reached over garden steps and are at the owners’ disposal at all times. In this way, the family’s privacy is maintained and at the same time a pleasant living style is combined with an elevated standard quality of life.

Another special focus of this unparalleled environmental building concept was the outfitting of the villa with the highest degree of technology. To complete and conclude the overall concept, hi-tech offers individually controlled ventilation and air conditioning and TV intercoms with outside cameras.

The owners gave ultimate of thought to creating an enchanting luxury oasis, this jewel that fulfils all notions of timeless, elegant living.

More information is available at Villa Highness.


Advertisement published in celesQue Edition 06/ 2015

Photography: Otto H. Schulz // Text: Frieda Hornung

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