Moscow Capital Club

On 20th of April the Moscow Capital Club has celebrated its first anniversary


The main task of the Club was the unification of elite people from different spheres of activity. Our society is divided, with the businessmen connecting other individuals in business, the creative people have their own circle of contacts, and the politicians too. Only one year was needed for Moscow Capital Club to unite them all. Today the Club became a place, where the leaders of creative society, top businessmen, medics, journalists and politics not only get acquainted but attain the possibility for communication beyond the limits of their professional interests.

Top-class Events

The events, organized by the Club, are really unique. There is probably no other place in Russia where a businessman can discuss something with a state minister or leader of any political party and get the answers to the questions he is especially interested in. In the Moscow Capital Club it is quite possible. Within a single year there were discussion-evenings organised with such top politicians such as Nikolay Nikiforov (RF Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications), Maxim Sokolov (RF Minister of Transport), Tatyana Golikova (Chairman of RF Accounts Chamber), Alexander Novak (RF Minister of Energy), Alexey Pushkov (Chairman of the Federation Council information policy Commission), Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Chairman of LDPR political party). Meetings with well known businessman Lev Khasis (Sberbank RF First deputy Chairman of the Board), Anatoly Torkunov (rector of Moscow State Institute of International Affairs) have taken place – a few examples of the multiple high-profile events that have been organised.

Nikolay Nikiforov, RF Minister of telecom and mass communications
RF Deserved lawyer Mikhail Barshchevsky and RF Minister of Energy Alexander Novak

Cultural programmes are also wide ranging. During the year many well known actors and musicians visited the Moscow Capital Club – among them were Igor Butman, Leonid Shraiber, Larisa Dolina, Andrey Makarevich and many others. Concert programs by well known musicians, discussion evenings with participation of social and political leaders, lectures by top national and world specialists, thematic exhibitions and presentations – these are the events that unite members of the Club. It iis quite understandable that Mercedes-Benz became the official partner of the Club – this brand of cars is for true connoisseurs of high quality products.

RF People’s Actor Andrey Makarevich
Tamara Gverdtsitely, People’s actor of Georgia and RF
RF People’s Actor Yury Rozum

Unique History

The building of Central House of Writers where the Club is situated has a unique history. This very mansion that has been built 130 years ago became the place for celebration of Nicolay the II crowning – there was organized the royal dinner for members of Romanovs family. After the October revolution of 1917 the building became the property of Writers’ Union, and the guests of its restaurant were Indira Gandhi, Ronald Reagan, Gina Lollobrigida and many other wide known politics, actors, writers… During the years of its life the mansion on Povarskaya street has been a place for meetings of most influential Masonic lodge in Russia, a patrimonial nobleman’s house, a writers’ club, and also the restaurant “for chosen ones”. So creating the Moscow Capital Club in the building of Central House of Writers we preserve centuries-old history. Still in XXI century only chosen ones may become the members of the Club on Povarskaya street.

Restaurant Oak Hall
Restaurant Oak Hall