Business as usual

Tanja Bülter slipped into the role of the model for our photo shoot in the Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Moderator Tanja Bülter slipped into the role of the model for our photo shoot in the presidential suite of the Waldorf Astoria Berlin, since she was instantly thrilled with the subject of our shoot: businesswoman – fashion – technology. The situation is very familiar to her. Quickly checking into a hotel in the morning after a flight or train trip. Before the next appointment change clothes, check emails and text messages and make some calls in between. The next meeting is waiting right after lunch. Maybe this time a more sportingly elegant outfit? Or maybe not? Are all the files and papers there, tablet, cell phone, laptop, etc.? Before dinner a quick chat with the bartender. And in the evening, the grand appearance. She has been working for around 15 years in front of and behind the camera at the RTL Group, has been host of a number of show formats and interviewed countless people. On international stages, she has charmingly moderated events for premium brands like Mercedes-Benz, IWC, Qatar Airways, Airbus, Omega, and Canon. The last thing she checks on her business trips is her laptop. The mother of two has been the special ambassador for the Kinderherz Foundation since 2009. She reports monthly about the latest fashion trends on the web TV lifestyle and fashion channel, “IN Fashion.”




Text first published in celesQue issue 06/2015

Photography: Dominik Manikowski